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Wine Heritage

Wine HeritageThe Vineyards and traditional planting methods, crossbeams, caves, varieties, vine keepers, wine culture, traditions, sayings, the way of  working  the vine, tools adapted to every kind of ground, etc. All this forms the Wine heritage and landscape of Valdeorras which makes it unique while tat the same time bringing us closer to the other wine zones.

From time immemorial, knowledge of the land and know how has been transmitted adapting it and improving it until the present day. The Wine market is specially sensitized to the conservation of this common heritage, the spaces which they form part of, Vineyardsits great value, also because it reflects the quality of their wines and the potential they have yet to discover.

We want to thank everyone working and taking care of this land allowing us to enjoy it. We commit ourselves to the same task and want to invite all, wine lovers, nature lovers and lovers of life to care and convey this treasure because it’s only on loan.

Vineyards beams