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Notice according to 196 DL, 30-06-2003. Type of visitors, according to article 13 from DL number 196 30-6-2003 we inform that your personal data, including e-mail address, spontaneously sent to: using one of the forms from this web, will be treated according to the aforementioned law by Valedoras Wine Route.

According to the DL nº 196/2003 rules, treatment is made under respect, truth, legitimacy, transparency and preserving your rights.

Valedoras Wine Route wants to inform:

All  personal data collected due to promotional or/and training activities and the contract relations, will be treated: a) to comply with fiscal, accounting and law duties, just only for information interchange and commercial contacts, lets say, for managing pre-contract deals based upon a possible request from you to get the Wine Route Valeorras’ sales, to comply the duties from the contracts with the client, to supply products and accessories, assistance, replacement, repair even after the sale, managing clients, order, deliveries, bills or issue control solvency. B) Comercial related activities (marketing & advertisement, promotional acts and future comercial and information activities, innovation of offered services).

Data transmitted by the client can be also transmitted to banks and duty advisors to manage the deposits and payments due to permitted contract execution.

Data can be also given as a result of the inspections or controls, to the entities which are going to check continuously duty and civil bonds.

Personal data assignment specified in point a) is binding to comply with law bonds and/or establishment/comply the contract relation.

Whithout data from point a) no contract relation can be started.

Personal data assignment at point b is optional and functional to offer to the clients a best service. In negative case, there will be consequences.

Personal data related to client can be transmitted to other companies for the same purposes before mentioned and according to outer experts in Software management, Information Service and telematics hardware.

In fact, data can be stored in digital or paper records so that they allow if necessary, to identify and select the data in less time than for what it is looked for.

Data treatment must be done by organization’s holder with help from his directors. This will be done with logics well related to the mentioned focus and the agreements which guarantee their own security and the reserve data one with the necessary tools to avoid modification, erasing, destruction, unauthorized access or not allowed treatment or not agreed with collection purposes.

The visitor knows that passing the data through the Internet is not absolutely safe. So therefore, this requirement is to verify that data is right and to correct it if necessary, update them or just modify them along the treatment procedure. Wine Route Valdeorras can only apply security regulation brought through existing law.

Owner of this persons treatment related to this point is Wine Route Valedoras. To know the responsible of the treatment just contact direct the owner and also responsible traders which work or cooperate with Wine Route Valdeorras. Remember that everyone who sends personal data, can make use of his rights from art. 7 from DL 196/2003 where the following text appears:

Art. 7 (Personal data access right and other rights)

1. Anyone interested can obtain confirmation to know if there is or not his personal data, even if he is not registered.

2. It is anyone’s right to know a)the data origin b)how and for what is data treated c) logic used in case of managing electronic devices d)owner identification, responsible person and representative designated person according to article 5, paragraph 2, e)other entities and categories of this entities which can be told the data or may them know it as representative from State, responsible or responsibles.

3. Everyone interested can obtain: a)update, rectify or when he wants retrieving data, b)cancel, anonymous modification or block the data including those which shall not be necessary stored in relation to the aim for which they had been collected or c) testify that operations of a) and b) have been told, including its content, to those who have been given data, except in case that it is not possible or need to use excessive resources.

4. Anyone interested can oppose fully or in part a) due to legal reasons, to his personal data treatment inclusive if they’re not important for the deal of the meeting, b)treatment is regarding promotional actions to send advertisement documentation or direct selling or for market studies or commercial communication. People interested in making use of their right as included in art. 7 from DL 196/2003, mentioned before, have to present a written request to: C.R. da D.O. Valdeorras - Aldea San Miguel de Outeiro, s/n, 32340 - Vilamartín de Valdeorras.