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Cultural Heritage

The Santuario de As Ermidas, in O Bolo council, has one of the most traditional holy weeks in Galicia in a beautiful enclave surrounded by spectacular vineyards. The Via Crucis procession on Good Friday morning is special. It starts at the sanctuary and goes up through the village until the “Estación de la Resurrección”. The small chapels have staturs which depict Jesus’ Passion.

Santuario de As Ermidas

In Vila de O castro, in the councill of O Barco, at night on Good Friday, there is the “Snails’ procession”. A path is lit with burning pine cones and cleaned out dry snail shells, full of oil. It recalls the traditional reverence in front of the virgin of the Capilla del Pazo de los Flórez.

The Valdeorras wine fair in A Rúa on the second weekend in August, highlights the value of wine to the region from an economic, cultural and landscape point of view. It is the meeting point to where one can become acquainted with a wine which day by day is more prestigious, wines –protected by D.O. Valdeorras- and the people who make them.

Different gastronomic fairs bring us closer to the traditional  food of the region, traditional fare based upon excellent products born of a well-cared for natural environment. There is the Fiesta del Botelo in O Barco de Valdeorras, the Fiesta de la empanada de Costrelas in A Rúa or the one of the Febra in Petín.

Among the most popular events linked to wine are the “Cave Parties”. They are old wine cellars made dug into the ground or rock, which are grouped in certain zones in the villages, forming original neighbourhoods. Once a year, they are opened to all the visitors with a big party plenty of wine, music and food. The Cave Parties of Vilamartín, in O Castro (O Barco), Seadur (in Larouco) and O Val (in Rubiá) are the most famous.

Cultural HeritageIn the country, trekking recovers old paths. Walking along the paths we can imagine the muleteer’s carriages on those narrow ways, with livestock, wine and other products travelling from one village to another; people selling and buying as well as pilgrims from other times.

The dimensions of a rural area like Valdeorras can only be truly appreciated through walking. Besides the paths through the Natural parks and protected spaces, there are also other signposted tracks which allow a close contact to the culture of the zone. A couple of minutes with the farmers and other visitors will show us much more than the info in guidebooks. Using a little common sense, this is a safe area, in which when we see chestnut trees or vineyards, there must be a house near. A small road will always bring us to a village and most of the dirt tracks are perfectly usable.    

The descent of the River Sil between Sobradelo (Carballeda de Valdeorras) and O Barco is an international canoeing event in the middle of September. There are hundreds of participants. It starts at the pier near to the bridge and the station, from there a train runs all along the banks of the river Sil following the race.