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D.O. Valdeorras

D.O. ValdeorrasValedorras is one of the oldes t D.O. in Spain recognized by law since 1945. The production zone occupies part of the basin of the rivers  Sil, Xares and Bibei. It was founded to guarantee the quality of its wines and to preserve varieties like Godello and promote  others like Mencía.

Councils included in this D.O. are: O Barco de Valedoras, A Rúa, Petín, Rubiá, O Bolo, Carballeda de Valdeorras, Larouco y Vilamartín de Valedoras. White wines of the mono-variety Godello are the most exported with its main markets being Germany, Sweden and UK within the European Union and outside there, the USA, which is growing in significantly due to the excellent appraisal given by this country’s critics.

In valdeorras the wines most frequently produced are of the one variety. In white wines Godello deserves a special mention defined by its fine fruity aroma, yellow straw colour and exceptional body the result of an excellent maturation Of the redsthe Mencias predominate, cherry colour with purple highlights and elegant aroma, fruity sometimes even floral, good alcohol-acid balance, appetizing with a long lasting intense aftertaste, there is also interesting work being carried out using “tempranillo”, “garnacha tintoreira” grapes both in mono variety or blended with others which gives them a well ripened fruit aroma excellent acid levels and body.

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