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Piquiño Restaurant and Il Piacere collect the prizes of the I Contest of Pairing

Organised by the Business Association of Valdeorras, with the collaboration of the Association  Centro Comercial Aberto O Barco, the Council Regulatory of the DO Valdeorras and the Association Ruta do viño de Valdeorras, this contest was born with the aim to boost the knowledge of the sector vitivinícola between the public, relaccionándolo, at the same time, with the local gastronomy, as well as the one to enter to the restorers in the technicians and knowledge of the maridaje.

IMG-20190322-WA0002 (1)_opt.jpg

The contest carried out between the days 28 February and 9 March. During these 10 days, the commensals that attended to any one of the 8 restaurants participants, could taste the different menus and the maridaje proposed by the innkeepers.

A professional jury, composed by 6 members, was the attendant to value the pairings proposed and to choose to the two winners. This jury stood out the high level appreciated in all the establishments, valuing very positively the proposals of all they.

This contest had big diffusion, so much in the media as in the social networks, fact that will favour the increase of the participation in future editions.

The winners of the contest received tofreo, diploma and a box of the wine that used in theirs pairings. The rest of restaurants participants received a diploma by his participation.

The prize to the best pairing with white wine of the DO Valdeorras corresponded to Piquiño Restaurant by his Buñuelos of cod with coiras harmonised with Godello on wrap Pedrazais of the cellar Alan of Val.

The prize to the best pairing with wine tinto of the DO Valdeorras corresponded to Il Piacere Gastrobar by his Canutillos of cecina with foie and jam harmonised with Mencía barrel Elbows of Larouco of the cellar Vineyard Costeira.

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