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Valdeorras, the Galician Denomination of Origin with more percentage of "Grandes Oros" in the "Guía de los Vinos de Galicia 2019"

Its coordinator, Luis Paadín, has come to present the new edition of this guide at the headquarters of the Valladolid regulatory council

Among the 400 pages and more than a thousand tasting sheets of the "Guía de los vine, Destilados y bodegas de Galicia 2019" (Paadín Eventos, SL), which comes from going out into the streets, Valdeorresas references take center stage. "In this edition we increased by 20% the number of wines from Valdeorras and we have those from the two cooperatives. We feel extremely supported, "said its coordinator, Luis Paadín, in the presentation of this guide, held on the morning of December 14 at the headquarters of the Regulatory Board of D.Lo. Valdeorras, in Vilamartín.

In this act, was accompanied by the president of this denomination, José Luis García Pando, who valued the work done in the guide and its "seriousness", as well as "the fact that it has no publicity, the difference of others." He also thanked the detail that each year "have the consideration of coming to present it to our denomination".

In the course of his speech, Luis Paadín explained the contents of this guide that brings together over a thousand wine tasting sheets from all over Galicia and that increases the number of wines tasted with respect to the previous edition. It also distinguishes, depending on the best scores (between 100 and 92 points with large golds, 91-85 gold punts and 84-80 silver points) a series of wines, including some 121 wines (19 Gran Oro, 70 Gold and 32 Plates) from 34 Valdeorras wineries, which is also the Galician denomination that registers a greater percentage of "Grandes Oros". "In Galicia we have 2,000 years of wine history and Valdeorras is one of the regions with the longest tradition and the first one of this last stage that began to do its homework before the others", highlighted Paadín. It also influenced the "depth" of Valdeorres wines and the capacity of this area to "put your landscape inside a bottle".

The tasting notes of this guide are the result of some 25 tasting panels, with the participation of 47 sommeliers. In its pages, information about soils with genuine edaphic, climatic and pluviometric maps (of several years) of each D.Lo. is also provided, "which is very significant to understand the nature of each one of the wines and the diversity of the cogidas ", says Alejandro Paadín, with the -writer of the guide, also present at the event with Javier Paadín, documentary manager of the work.

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