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The Ruta do viño de Valdeorras, new collaborator in the Christmas campaign organized by AEVA and CCA O Barco

"Launching a business union message to the users and customers of Valdeorras, in a friendly and forthcoming way taking advantage of the Christmas dates" is one of the objectives pursued by this promotional activity, as well as "putting one of the economic pillars of Valdeorras, our wine ", pointed out the presence of AEVA, Araceli Fernández del Palacio, during the presentation


During this Christmas the associated establishments of the Aberto and AEVA Shopping Center will be decorated with trees made with bark of wine bottles and reused wine bottles, adorned with garlands. In this way, the businesses will give visibility to the campaign, while showing their involvement with the wine industry and wine tourism.

In the programmed activities it has been tried to imply so much to the individuals as to employers of the region, with the intention of "Betting for the union, for getting together to be stronger and better"

Jose Luís Pando, president of the CRDO Valdeorras, wanted to thank the Business Association of Valdeorras and the O Barco Abierto Shopping Center for another year, with their collaboration, putting the value of the wine sector.

In the same way, Joaquín Sánchez, president of the Ruta del Viño de Valdeorras Association, positively assessed the synergy that is being created between the different associations, since "in this union is where the road is"

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