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Hoxe é 25 de Maio do 2019
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Silfest 2018

Our Silfest partners have organized 3 days of culture, food and wine and living on the banks of the River Sil where you can listen to live music from groups such as Varry Brava, Dinero Grises, Nunatak, Los Íñigos, Presumido or The Handicaps, among others.

There will be 3 activities related to the wine of the DO Valdeorras. On Friday at 8:00 pm there will be a tasting accompanied by poems by the Valdeorres poet Florencio Delgado Gurriarán, to which the poet Fátima Delgado will give voice.

On Saturday, at 12:40 there will be a course of wine pairing with cheeses and at 18:30 there will be a contest in which the audience, with their applause, will vote what wine combines better with musical songs performed by Amizar (composite group of versions by Iria Rodríguez and Cristina Ramos) or Xermán Bugallo (belonging to the Caraba band).

You can buy your tickets at the ticket office or online in advance sale. For more information


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