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Hoxe é 20 de Xaneiro do 2019
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Winners of the XIX Official Tasting of Valdeorras of the XXI Valdeorras Wine Fair

The awards ceremony took place at the XXI Valdeorras Wine Fair fairgrounds located in the village of Viloira. 23 brands of red wine and 20 more of white wine were presented to the contest that this year will celebrate its 19th edition. The winning wines and wineries were:

White wines

1st Prize- "Viñaredo" by Adega Santa Marta

2nd Prize- "D'Berna" by Adega Guitián y Blanco

3rd Prize- "Pagos de Galir" by Adega Virxe de Galir

Red wines

1st Prize- "Sampayolo Garnacha" by Adega Sampayolo

2nd Prize- "A Coronela" by Adega O Cepado

3rd Prize- "Joaquín Rebolledo" by Adega Joaquín Rebolledo

Special mentions for wines from other vintages

"Lagar de Cigur Barrica 2013" by Adega Melillas e Fillos

"Fardelas 2015" by Adega Santa Marta.

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