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Hoxe é 18 de Febreiro do 2019
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TheWine Route of Valdeorras sponsors the Caviño 2018 de A Rúa

The Wine Route of Valdeorras is a sponsor, this year, of the Caviño 2018 in A Rúa, and for that reason it raffles a visit for two people to 3 wineries in Valdeorras, members of the Route.

The Caviño celebrates its fourth edition this year, with the participation of 16 bars and cafes. During the 29th and 30th of June the "caviñantes" will be able to taste the wines of Valdeorras, as well as tapas made with typical products of the area. At the party there will be many taverns songs, traditional music, in addition to the delivery of 2000 direct gifts, raffles, train "Chu-chú", to not have to drive a car...

This initiative aims not only to promote the wine of Valdeorras, but also the Winter Road of pilgrims to Santiago that runs through the land of Valdeorras.

IV Caviño de invierno 2018

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